Anita Schlarb Photography


"The exhibition is beautiful - such skill, such perception, such an eye for beauty".
B. N., fellow artist

"Exquisite photo of Glacier Bay. Nice symmetry of the water's edge, ice and glacier, and also the way the clouds follow the lines of the mountain's edge."
I.S., nature and travel photographer

"Breathtaking photographs of the natural world."
Red Trillium Studio Tour Management

"Anita's pictures capture the harmony and tranquility of nature. Some of her pictures offer surprising glimpses of wildlife, making us aware of details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Anita likes to play with color and light to create vibrant visual effects for our enjoyment. Her pictures are an invitation to spend more time in nature."

Canal at Dusk, taken in Eveneroek, Belgium: "Wow!  You're a great artist, I think I've been in that place!"

"I love your site. I love the cats. That picture of Hogs Back is exquisite."

"I have known Anita for many years and she has always been an avid photographer. She takes many trips and excursions and always takes great pleasure in showing me the extensive number of photographs from each one.  I have always admired the skill she has with a camera in being able to take excellent pictures that capture just the right moment or perspective.  Now that she is embarking on offering her pictures to the public, we can all take pleasure in the many fine compositions she has captured from all aspects of life, nature and travel."

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